FHIR Health Exchange (FHEx)

FHIR Health Exchange (FHEx) is an HL7® FHIR® compliant health information exchange to connect stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. FHEx undertakes this by standardizing existing entities in health information databases into HL7® FHIR® resources without making any changes to their current deployment.

FHEx makes it possible for federating partners with healthcare information including hospitals, patients, diagnostic laboratories, public health agencies, and paramedic services to interoperate on health data between their dedicated exchange network. FHEx is also equipped with an intuitive web-interface for user friendly management of Health Information Exchange. FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is the latest health data exchange standard that succeeds its predecessors including HL7 v2, HL7 v3 and CDA. With a strong focus on ease of implementation, FHIR provides free specifications and official support for all major development platforms such as Microsoft .Net and Java. It provides interoperability out of the box as well as room for customization.

FHEx makes it possible for existing health systems to achieve exposure to Health Information Exchange framework and full FHIR standard compliance in a hassle-free manner. It achieves this by translating the entities in an already deployed system into FHIR resources without making any changes in current deployment. FHEx deployments can seamlessly exchange and access FHIR based resources from multiple FHEx deployments at a time.

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    • Supports access of health records from multiple health data centers at a time
    • Supports all FHIR resources
    • Supports a variety of electronic data storages
    • Intuitive user-interface
    • Built-in OAuth 2.0 based security
    • Supports SMART-on-FHIR
    • Supports FHIR Interactions including:
      • FHIR Search
      • Capability Statement
      • Read
      • Create
      • Update
      • Delete
      • Batch
      • Transaction


    • You are in a network of health information organization and you want seamless exchange of health information
    • You want to access health records from multiple health data centers at a time
    • You want HL7 FHIR compliance for your health data repository
    • You want to expose your health data repository inside/outside organization




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