CureLogix Health Suite (CLHS)

CureLogix Health Suite (CLHS) is a state-of-the-art platform to provide the central information backbone in a variety of healthcare organizations. CLHS enables an efficient management of both information and operations which ensures delivery of quality healthcare.

CLHS includes all the operations for hospital facility such as Outpatient, Inpatient, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology and Rehabilitation. In addition to this, the suite is highly customizable and can easily adapt to emerging user demands within the healthcare ecosystem. At its core, CLHS deploys world-beating technologies and standards including HL7 FHIR and ERPNext Healthcare to provide the highest quality solutions to its users.

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    Efficient searching and management of patients using online repositories.

    Availability and management of patient’s health profile and diagnostics reports.

    Data-driven decision making in light of patient history and encounters.

    Efficient management of practitioners (doctors, nurses, etc.), by having full integration with their HR data (leaves, payroll etc.) and having role-based access.

    Hassle-free management of clinic timings through practitioner schedules, set days and timings for each role and practitioner.

    Easy appointment management, through efficient and effective integration with practitioner schedules.

    Effortless management of patient visits by having patient encounters along with the necessary information about patient visits.

    Prescriptions made easy at completion of patient encounter.

    Effortless management of clinal procedures, create, schedule and manage procedures through Kanban board.

    Hassle-free management of pharmacy by storing and searching drugs and medical equipment with their barcodes.

    Easy and trouble-free stock management equipped with all kinds of ledgers and reports to maintain stocks efficiently.

    Fully integrated sales with prescription items, equipped with helpful sales reports and analytics.

    Fully responsive design to work on every browser and smartphone.

    Highly customizable platform which can add custom fields on the forms, linked fields with other forms and add scripts to have customizable functionalities.




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